Early childhood is the prime time of lifeas kids beam with high energy and efficiency. Learning is a lifetime investment for your child. The schools in Tolichowki, Hyderabad are a rich treasury of accomplished learning centers for your babies. The Banjara Hills in Hyderabad houses the best crèche, daycare, playschool, and preschool. The international school in Tolichowki has top-notch facilities aimed to equip the kids to global standards. With an outstanding curriculum, the school in Tolichowki, Hyderabad offers a multidisciplinary approach to cognition and intelligence. The international school in Tolichowki is a safe haven to nurture your little heroes.


The playschools in Tolichowki impart learning with activities.Kids gain skills on language, math, motor development, and interaction. Activities like storytime, sensory games, reading, puppet shows, and art make preschool in Tolichowki an exceptional institution.

The preschool education at Tolichowki is on par to cater to the needs ofchildren at variousintelligence levels, training them to be active and inquisitive.

The playschools in Tolichowki conducts regular meetings for parents to keep them attuned to theirchild’s progress.

Day Care

Daycare centers in Tolichowki provide the best service for babies, in their early formative years. A team of committed, well-trainedcaretakers with specialization in child development assist the kids, at the daycare schools.

The daycare schools in Tolichowki have a well-maintained infrastructure, clean kitchen, and CCTV cameras for continuous monitoring.

Each child gets adequate attention and care to make the infant feel at home. The daycare centers in Tollichowkiguarantee safety andprotection over your kids.

Education and Learning

Early learning involves activities like counting articles, identifying colors and shapes, matching objects, pictures, and observing objects. These help the child get arithmetic skills, knowledge of science, and the general world.

Learning activities improve problem-solving skills, speech, language, and cognitive development. The logical and reasoning part of the brain stimulates the child’s intelligence levels. Learning alters the brain cells making the nerve cells powerful and efficient.


The nursery schools in Tolichowki focuses on holistic development, which includes gross motor skills, motor skills, cognitive growth, and socio-emotional skills. Each day’s schedule helps the child advance in life with positivity and motivation.

The pre-nursery school curriculum in Tolichowki lays a solid foundation in every child by developing logical, reasoning, explorative, imaginative, and interactive skills.

Teachers, at nursery schools in Tolichowki, adopt an affirmative approach in emotional handling and behavioral refining of kids.

Senior KG

At Little pebbles international preschool, we lay the foundation to transition smoothly from KG school to formal school. Our school offers senior kg in Tolichowki, where we create interest in learning and form the base for important subjects and Social & Creative skills. The classrooms are equipped for digital education in this UKG class in Tolichowki,while providing a safe and secure environment for children.

Junior KG

Our Junior Kg school in Tolichowki follows a curriculum that enables children to attain wholesome development including physical, intellectual and social development. We strive to create a fun learning environment for children in this LKG class in Tolichowki. Providing a hygienic and secure environment is our top priority. We aim for our Junior Kg school in Tolichowki to offer an evolution in the learning journey of children.

Infant care

Looking for a trustworthy baby care center in Tolichowki to take care of your little ones on your busy days ? Look no further, we offer excellent infant care services in Tolichowki to nurture your tiny tots with love, affection and care. We are equipped with a rich sensory environment filled with toys, blocks and beads that helps develop motor skills. At our baby care center in tolichowki we help develop a sense of community that aids your child in forming relationships.

Play Group

Our play group school in tolichowki offers a curriculum that enables children to engage their curiosity and continue exploration that is common at this age. Maximum brain development of a child happens in their early years and we strive to nurture this. The aim of this playgroup nursery in tolichowki is to not only foster motor skills of children but also develop social and aesthetic skills to ensure well-rounded growth.

After school

Nowadays it is important to look at a child’s development beyond just the classrooms. We offer opportunities for children in the form after school programs in tolichowki, to explore and develop new skills post school hours. Activities to enhance language, reading and writing skills as well as help with homework are some of the areas our after school classes in tolichowki offer support in. It allows children to follow their interests and develop their abilities outside the classroom.


Our deeniyat school in tolichowki covers in its curriculum different aspects of literacy, numeracy and life skills, keeping in line with basic islamic knowledge and moral education. The children are involved in programs consisting of skill building activities, listening games, free play and group play activities. We are equipped with top-class infrastructure to provide all round development for your child and strive to be acclaimed as one of the renowned Islamic schools in tolichowki.

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