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Learning about complex things starts from LKG and UKG class. Little Pebbles makes sure that each child is given individual attention because every child is unique. Parents must have the utmost faith in the teachers and guides that are working for the well-being of the children. We ensure that Senior pebble works for the betterment of the students because school is the second home for them. The UKG class is among the important classes because those are the initial years of learning. The senior pebble helps the children to adjust to the formal form of learning.

Little Pebble offers many fun activities for preprimary 2 class kids to intellectually improve their communication, problem-solving approach, and strengthen them physically such as storytelling, painting, water play, reading time, special festival celebration, sports day activities, annual day, and different fancy dress completions.

These fun activities help the students actively explore their talents and help them participate in new activities and learn new things every day. Now let's come to the concerns of the parents who are worried about the facilities provided in the school.

UKG Class Academic Curriculum:

Helping them solve mathematical problems
Helping them in social and emotional development
EVS and GK
Developing fine and gross motor skills
Helping them explore their creativity
Solve Mathematical Problems

Kids learn math through games. We teach numbers and mathematical problems through play, abacus and blocks.

Social and Emotional Development

We teach children to embrace their friends and the new changes around them. This helps them balance as social beings.

EVS and GK

The smart learning techniques impart awareness on science and general knowledge with graphics and pictures.

Developing Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Activities with paper and puzzles refine the movements and motor skills in children. This aids in skill development.

Explore Creativity

Kids take up small exercises to discover their talents and creativity. They activate the senses to explore new things.

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