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We believe that children are much more creative and intelligent than they know. That is why the teachers at Little Pebbles help the playgroup kids to learn new things every day. Little pebbles understand that the first few years of life are precious in terms of learning, remembering, memorizing, and exploring. The teachers and staff make sure that they are working for the overall development of the childlike, making a child stronger and better emotionally, intellectually, and socially. The teachers make sure to practice the tried and tested methods of teaching.


The goal of the little pebbles organization is to work on our students by keeping in mind that the children are the future of the nation. We will guide the children in such a way that they become capable of guiding their future generations. Playgroup nursery is such a stage where children are like flowers ready to bloom; the teachers play the role of the gardeners who give them the right amount of water and nutrients so that they can grow at their pace. We work hard to maintain the position we have attained over the years. We have to maintain the legacy, and we ensure the parents of the existing and future children that we thrive on identifying the potential of each child and making it their strength rather than letting them get lost in the crowd.

Kids Development Curriculum

Helping them learn through exploration
Developing their communication skills
Helping them learn the concept of time
Helping them solve mathematical problems
Helping them learn new languages
Developing the gross and fine motor skills

Detail activities plan for the overall development for the playgroup nursery kids are:

Communication Skills

Teachers encourage playgroup nurserykids to communicate with proper sounds, pronunciation, and body language.

Nurture Knowledge

Outdoor games for children that help them to come closer to nature and improve kid physical strength. They shall come to know about the sounds of birds, animals, the beauty of flowers and trees and insects.

Physical Development

Activities like jumping, running, climbing help the children fall and get up again that makes them tough and physically strong.

Learning approach &Mental Development

Play games that involve books, rhymes, flashcards, charts, etc.

Craft skills

Give children the time to play with the clay, dough, rolling pins and other craft materials

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