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The moment a child is born, the parents start thinking about their future. Be it what color their room would be, how they would dress up, or to which school would they go. The child starts school life from their playschools or prep schools. The phenomenon of competition starts from the nursery schools itself. It is the job of the parents to get their children enrolled for the best nursery school admission process. One such prep and daycare school is the Little Pebbles Playschool. It has the option of baby bloom, toddlers, nursery, pre-nursery school, etc.

We makes sure that we design the nursery school activities in such a way that it is easy for the young ones to learn and we ensure that each child is given special care because we believe that each child is unique.

Activities that focus on fine motor skills:

During the early age of 2.5 years or so, the children learn about movement, holding things, touching things, and getting a grip. These things come under fine motor skills; there are various exercises, fun games designed for the children so that they can develop and work on their fine motor skills. Activities like drawing, crunching the paper, picking up things, sorting things out can help them develop these skills.

Cognitive GrowthActivities are focusing on gross motor skills:

the children to work on, develop, and strengthen their physical potential to the maximum. The activities under this section are a combination of outdoor and indoor games that may include riding a toy bike or scooter, water play, ball catching, etc.

Activities focusing on socio-emotional skills:

The basic idea to include this section is to help the children speak to convey their emotions and express their feelings. Earlier, the children at the toddling stage expressed their feelings or conveyed their needs and wants through actions, but after a certain age, they need to understand the concept of communication. The activities can include dancing, singing, toy or puppet show, etc.

Activities focusing on Cognitive development:

This section of activities will help the children to reason out, differentiate, learn languages, and give reasons. It is included so that children can learn to adjust to the new environment and to change the surrounding condition. The activities can be putting together a puzzle, building blocks, riddles, memory games, etc.

These activities are included in the pre-nursery school level as well. It's just that the levels of difficulties of these activities differ from class to class. So, don’t delay in enrolling your children for the nursery school admissions before the seats are full.

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