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We at Little Pebbles make sure that the children are well trained to adjust to the changing environment when they get out of their schools or change classes with new teachers and peers. Junior Pebble helps the students to get accustomed to the formal form of schooling. The teachers of LKG class at Junior Pebble help their students to become strong and independent emotionally, physically, and socially. The main role of the kindergarten schools is to allow the students to be themselves to keep their uniqueness intact, and we work towards the same. At Little Pebbles, we understand that it is our role in building the foundation of a child’s life. We understand that the foundation is built from the kindergarten classroom itself.

We have included some activities for lower Kindergarten students so that they can explore their interests such as water activities, storytelling activities, reading, arts & craft activities, Sports activities, annual day, and outdoor trips (museums, malls, exhibitions, and fields).

Preprimary 1 class curriculum activities:

Development of reading and writing skills
Development of logic and reasoning
Development of social and emotional intelligence
Scientific studies of their level
Development of their fine as well as gross motor skills
Helping the children be creative
Helping children think, explore, and ideate.

These were the details what a child will learn in the classroom. But unlike before, today's parents are much more concerned about their child's safety and health. To make sure that they are selecting the best option possible, they want to know all the facilities that are provided in the schools to ensure that their child remains healthy and safe since they will spend half of their days in the lower kindergarten.

Development of Reading and Writing Skills

Kids learn to read aloud with right pronunciation. They also learn the art of writing, in the right and neat way.

Development of Logic and Reasoning

Logic and reasoning develop child’s thinking capabilities. We encourage kids to be curious and interrogative.

Fine Development of Their Gross Motor Skills

The play activities tunes the movement patterns. Kids learn to co-ordinate hand and limb movements.

Helping the Children Be Creative

The educators present new activity for kids. Art tools, exploring gears and appreciation: a combination of these multiply creativity in kids.

Helping Children Think, Explore, and Ideate

With toys, colors, drawings, we trigger children to explore the beautiful world. This springs the joy of discovering things.

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