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Deeniyat Care

Children are little treasures from heaven above. Little Pebbles Islamic Preschool considers it a privilege to train children as better humans of tomorrow. We are one of the most sought-after Islamic schools in Hyderabad.

Deeniyat care aims to enrich every child with the virtues of life. The foundation of a child is vital to be a successful man. The curriculum trains the child to unlearn the bad things. We impart the right lesson to the child with love and positivity. The teachers are well-trained and certified on child development and first aid.


From religious activities to regular ones, Deeniyat School in Hyderabad trains the child as per Islamic standards. The school has a well-built infrastructure with spacious buildings. Children receive training on cleanliness, hygiene, and living standards. Education involves memory, critical thinking, solving numerical methods, communication, and cognitive-behavioral training to keep the kids updated to the modern era.

International Islamic preschool has set high morals learning and training. This keeps Deeniyat School in Hyderabad on par with international standards. Age has no bar on abilities to learn and explore. We inculcate the core values of Islam and the Arabic language. Each child gets personal care and attention. This helps the child grow up to be a positive and confident human being.


Little Pebbles Islamic preschool has a clean kitchen, which offers a nutritious diet. We train kids on food habits and hygiene practices. The school includes a structured facility for the kids to have a comfortable nap. Also, we have a library, playground, tools for advanced learning in math and science. The playground includes a sandpit, wooden apparatus, and track to develop strength, motor skills, and coordination. Kids learn to play in teams and as individuals. This develops their Intra and interpersonal skills.

Deeniyat School in Hyderabad schedules regular field trips and a yearly educational tour. This gives the child exposure to understanding the world. The school observes both Muslim celebrations and national celebrations too.

Little Pebbles Islamic Preschool trains its kids to balance patriotism and religious beliefs. We teach the importance of love, care, peace, and harmony, so they remain in their hearts for a lifetime.

Each day at International Islamic preschool has a neat schedule to engage the children with learning, play, and fun. Kids look forward to every new day. Learning uncovers the beauty of nature, the marvels in science, and the quietness in the Holy Quran. The holistic approach certifies Deeniyat care as the best Islamic school inHyderabad.

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