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After the School Programmes

Little Pebbles, after school care, offers many after school activities for kids so that they are aware of new things and learn new skills after school time. The main purpose of after school programs are to develop the skills and knowledge about other things that are necessary for our kid's daily life and also provide help in their homework. Through this after school programs, we are not only developing the skills of children, but also enhance their communicational skills, manners, writing skills, and physical fitness. These after school activities for kids will support them to maintain health and strength. Thus, Little Pebbles contribute to national growth for making good citizens for the country.

Best After School Care Program [Age group (18 months- to 7 years old)]:

Learning Skills

We provide a lot of events in daily routine sequence. Parents are free to choose any time slot as per our time table and get a chance to develop the learning capabilities of your child with our after school programs. Our team will help you and guide your child as per their interests and make them more creative and sharp by the mind.

Timing Selection:

It is a very important time for a child. In this part, the child learns decision-making skills. Time selections play a very important role; they can select the game and play as per their interest. It also helps the children to focus on things and develop interesting inventions easily. We provide below mention timing slot for children. Parents are free to choose any one slot as per their suitable time.

Small-Group Slot Time:

Some main features of after school care program small-group slot time.

  • Small groups or individual activity is best for new learning, challenges, and mind concentration.
  • Children in a small group can easily interact with teachers and are easily cared for & observed by the teachers.
  • Small-time provides a safe space to meet with friends easily and express what they want to others.
  • This short time after school includes activities like playing with numbers of games and balls, solving questions & puzzles, etc.
Large- Group Slot Time:

Main benefits of large group slot are given below:

  • In this group, children learn easily and fast with a large group and start communicating easily.
  • the number of children are large with their fellow mates and teachers for different activities.
  • This group helps the children to develop social skills by talking, leading teams, etc.
  • This group includes activities after activities are music, group team tasks, dancing, and much more.

Quick View to facilities offered for after school program:

Physical Development

At Little Pebbles, activities include physical involvement in games, climbing on walls, etc. Children spend 30 min in the outside area. They are aware of natural resources like sun, winds, climates, and many more.

Transition Activities

Here children are involved in designing, daily routine tasks, and coming days tasks too. It is between the time gaps, they choose for outdoor and indoor small group activities.

Eating & Resting Activities

The child takes meals, snacks, and other healthy foods in a social-friendly environment. Rest for the next solitary activities -here children are engaged in reading, self-playing during the time, etc.

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