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The first pair of eyes that the child meets are Parents. The child receives the first touch of warmth, genuine love and experiences the first joys from parents. From this moment on, the feeling of trust and security, begin to grow in the child.

The child’s brain grows rapidly in the first three years of life. Research says that the neurological development relates to the environment around the child. An infant exposed to love, care and strong bonds grows confident, constructive and healthy. But, a child exposed to unfavourable conditions shows abnormal neural development. This makes the child grow fearful and insecure.

Trained educators and full-fledged amenities make our school great place. Yet, without parents’ role in the child, this impact will be no good. Little Pebbles school encourages parents to invest in the life of their kids. Treat your child a C.A.K.E.


Conversations are important. Work keeps parents busy but it is important for you to make time for your child. A strong relationship grows when you communicate with kids. Speak with your child when he wakes up, when you dinner together and even when you take him on a drive. Infants love conversations although their words are few.


Admire every progress your child makes. Love your child. Hug your kids tight. Embrace them with kisses. Along with words, these actions speak louder. Studies say kids need a lot of love and hugs every day. This helps them grow positive and loving. Spend time with your kids when they wake up and go to sleep. These help your kids have sound brain growth.


Keep an eye over your child and ensure safety. Be watchful on the things they handle. Watch out their habits and manners. Keep track over their progress at home and school. A child who feels safe and secure is prone to adapt to new surroundings, with confidence.


Be the Epitome of your child. Parents are the first heroes of every child. Your child watches you and imitates what you do. Their behavior and growth depends on Parents, whom kids admire.

With teamwork of good parenting and training from the school, your child will grow to be wise, confident and a successful human being.

Little Pebbles welcomes parents to be a part of your child’s learning at school through the following ways:

  • Parents can spend a day at school to understand the teachers and the school better. This will make you understand where you have put your child.
  • Parents can share topics of interests and expectations to be incorporated in the curriculum.
  • Kindly follow the journal of your child, recorded by the teachers.
  • Parents can contribute their special talents and skills to the school.

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