Our graduates

  • Our vision is to lead the future generation to endeavour and fulfil their dreams as individuals who are:
  • Perseverant and Inquisitive knowledge seekers
  • Positive and pragmatic individuals
  • Constructive and confident trail blazers
  • Upholding social responsibility and humanity as citizens
  • And individuals who display righteousness in all situations towards all

Individualized care

Kids Development Curriculum

  • Helping them learn through exploration
  • Developing their communication skills
  • Helping them learn the concept of time
  • Helping them solve mathematical problems
  • Helping them learn new languages
  • Developing the gross and fine motor skills

Signature Practices

Detail activities plan for the overall development for the playgroup nursery kids are:

  • Communication Skills

Teachers encourage playgroup nurserykids to communicate with proper sounds, pronunciation, and body language.

  • Nurture Knowledge

Outdoor games for children that help them to come closer to nature and improve kid physical strength. They shall come to know about the sounds of birds, animals, the beauty of flowers and trees and insects.

  • Physical Development

Activities like jumping, running, climbing help the children fall and get up again that makes them tough and physically strong.

  • Learning approach &Mental Development

Play games that involve books, rhymes, flashcards, charts, etc.

  • Craft skills

Give children the time to play with the clay, dough, rolling pins and other craft materials