Learn at Home

Like adults, kids are prone to undergo stress. In worst cases, kids can go through depression too. Shocking, but it is true. A calm and peaceful environment is essential for healthy mental development of a child.

Home is where everyone feels comfortable. Infants feel the same too. After a day at school, kids are eager to share their day with you. They are hyperactive to continue exploring at home and relate with activities at school.

Parents, your kids can be the best stress busters. Take your time-out for activity with your kids.

Here are some interesting things to engage your kids at home:

1 Love for Literature

Books are the treasures that will last a lifetime. Impart knowledge and language through these activities:

  • Read out books to your child.
  • Narrate a story
  • Sing songs and rhymes
  • Play word games

Your child will learn vocabulary and expressions.

Fine Motor Skills

Kids love to play with parents as teammates. After a day with friends, the child looks forward to spend holidays and leisure with parents. This does not involve your money but creativity and time. A child’s creativity increases while playing with physical toys than mobile gadgets. Replace the video games with these:

  • Play with a ball
  • An indoor obstacle race
  • A car race at home
  • Play with puzzles and stacks
  • Art and Craft with child scissors
  • Playdough
Fun with Math

Math increases reasoning and logical thinking. This is the right time for parents to embed the love for math into kids. Here are creative ways to have fun with math:

  • Explore the different shapes at home.
  • Learn numbers by counting.
  • Sort objects by size, shape and colors
  • Match objects
  • Pattern making with papers and cardboards
Explore Science

Help your kids discover science in real life. Learning at home is fun and stress-free. Here are some ways of introducing science to your tiny tots:

  • Bath in a water tub
  • Gardening : watering plants and growing saplings
  • Collect pebbles and rocks
  • Play with magnets
  • Play with bubbles
A Bit of Technology

With technology growing, an exposure to media is essential for this generation kids. It is advisable for parents to sit along with kids, while they watch videos and have fun.

  • Watch the Animal planet and Discovery for kids
  • Explore science experiments at home
  • Expose your kids to virtual field trips
  • Listen to pieces of music by Beethoven
  • Make a collage
  • Collate craft ideas

These resources will help your child relax, enjoy and explore learning at home too. Kids will begin to look up to their parents as they admire their trainers at school.

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