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Transportaion with GPS Tracking

The school transport has GPS trackers installed with complete functionality. This helps in tracking the movement of the vehicles. We also track the attendance of the child while boarding and getting off the bus. This ensures safety for the children in our school.


Trained and Verified Female Staff

The school has well trained female staff. The recruitment process verifies the staff to serve and fulfill the mission of the school. The staff is present at the school before the children arrive. Trainers are warm, welcoming, friendly, and ever-present to assist the children.


Medical checkup & Pediatrician

We care for the health of children as much as parents do. There is a childcare center in the school with first aid facilities. A Pediatrician visits the school for regular medical check-ups. This is to track the child’s health along with the learning process.


Martial Arts & Aerobics

Physical activities is vital for kids to keep their heart, lungs and blood healthy. We teach traditional martial arts and aerobics in our school. These help the children stay healthy and lively. Exercises promotes sound health in the mind and body. Martial arts build confidence and trains the child for self- defence.


Interactive Smart Boards

Smart boards make learning engaging and fascinating. The classrooms have interactive smartboards installed. This increases the interaction between teachers and students. Kids gain exposure to technology, with motivation and active involvement of the sensory systems. This system caters to all styles of learning.


Floor Interactive Games

Interactive floor helps child navigate and play games using their feet. These activities build motor skills, stimulating the neuron development in children. Each day becomes new and exciting for the children. Floor interactive games strengthens communication and collaboration skills in children.


Parenting Mobile App

The management has a customized mobile application for parents. This app helps the parents to get notifications on all the school activities. Parents get access to connect with the class-in-charge to know about the child’s progress. Updates and information on projects, exams, and grades will be posted here.


Kids Friendly Campus

The school has well-structured buildings with spacious rooms.The classrooms have furniture for kids, relevant to the age groups. The classrooms are built with proper ventilation and exit doors. Little pebbles has a spacious playground with outdoor games and activities. The campus is maintained clean adhering to hygiene standards.


CCTV Surveillance

The school has cameras installed in the classrooms and building premises. This is to watch the children, trainers, non-teaching staff and all the happenings. The monitors help the school to keep track of all the activities and identify any intruders too.



The school has a well-built roller rink for skating. Skating helps in muscular development, strengthens the lower body, and boosts the confidence levels. Early skating training helps kids master their skills in balance, harmonization, and agility.

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