Welcome to Little Pebbles International Preschool, where every child’s educational journey begins. We are passionate about designing programs that are not only interesting, communicative, and engaging but also innovative. We understand the concerns of parents when entrusting their children to an educational institution. That’s why we’ve meticulously crafted an environment that feels like a second home. Our dedicated team of teachers, helpers, and staff work diligently to ensure that students thrive, even when they are away from the comfort of their own homes.


Our vision is to lead the future generation to endeavour and fulfil their dreams as individuals who are:

  • Perseverant and Inquisitive knowledge seekers
  • Positive and pragmatic individuals
  • Constructive and confident trail blazers
  • Upholding social responsibility and humanity as citizens
  • Individuals who display righteousness in all situations towards all


Our mission is to pave the way for the future generation to learn, adapt and grow with the transitioning times. In our opinion the world today needs people with a liberal mindset, peaceful approach and kind hearts. We ende avour to guide young minds on a journey of learning and knowledge-seeking that will promote creativity and individuality, while emphasising a sense of responsibility towards oneself and society.


  • In this world where everyone wants to win some race, we make sure that we do not forget to instill small habits in our children that play a major role in their personality.
  • We make them understand the power of small words like “sorry” and “thank-you” and the baggage these words do carry.
  • We work on our students to make them expressive and confident enough to share their ideas in a room full of their peers.

We want our future generations to be considerate towards the problems and needs of others and have a sense of empathy instilled in them.

Our Director's Message

As the Director of Little Pebbles International Preschool, I’ve had the privilege of contributing my knowledge and experience to various roles, whether as a teacher, headmaster, trainer, or any other role the situation demanded. It is my responsibility to create an environment that accelerates the development and growth of each child, enabling them to realize their full potential. Our integrated curriculum, which includes art, dance, music, and cooking, ensures that learning transcends academics. I am confident that you can trust us with your child’s future, and we are here to exceed your expectations.

Our Process & Practice

At Little Pebbles International Preschool, we prioritize a clean, safe, and healthy environment to facilitate effective learning and growth for your child. We understand that great teachers are essential for shaping brilliant students. Therefore, we don’t compromise when it comes to the quality and professionalism of our teachers and staff. We ensure their skills are well-developed, enabling them to bring out the best in our students.


While education and personal growth are our primary focuses, we recognize that parents expect a safe and secure environment for their children. Little Pebbles International Preschool places the utmost importance on your child’s safety. We conduct regular fire drills, maintain detailed records of children’s entry and exit, provide well-stocked first aid boxes, ensure child-friendly equipment, and maintain a healthy adult-to-child ratio to ensure a high standard of safety and supervision.


We adhere to government regulations concerning privacy policies. We respect your child’s privacy and ensure that personal information, including details about parents or guardians, is treated with the utmost confidentiality. No information is disclosed without your explicit consent. We do not forward your personal information to any third party without your prior permission. You have access to your records in our database, and we take steps to keep them accurate and up-to-date. 

Why Choose Us?

At Little Pebbles International Preschool, we aim to instil in our students the courage to face challenges with enthusiasm and vigour. We understand the importance of nurturing willpower, self-discipline, and confidence from a young age, recognizing their significance in shaping a child’s future. Our approach to learning is holistic, emphasizing overall child development beyond mere academic results.

Our Vision & Mission

Our mission is to witness the satisfaction on parents’ faces after choosing Little Pebbles for their children. We aspire to provide the highest quality of education, safety, security, and hygiene standards. Our priority is holistic development, preparing students for future challenges instead of promoting unhealthy competition. We understand the value of the teacher-parent relationship, as teamwork creates bright students and future leaders.


In a world often focused on winning races, we remember the importance of instilling small yet significant habits in our children’s personalities. We teach the power of small words like “sorry” and “thank-you” and their profound impact. We work on developing expressive, confident students capable of sharing ideas in a room full of peers. Our aim is to cultivate empathy, consideration, and a sense of responsibility towards others’ needs.


Our Vision & Mission

Vision: Our vision is to guide future generations to become persevering and inquisitive knowledge seekers, positive and pragmatic individuals, constructive and confident trailblazers, responsible citizens, and individuals who uphold righteousness in all situations and towards all.


Mission: Our mission is to pave the way for the future generation to learn, adapt, and grow with the changing times. We believe the world needs individuals with a liberal mindset, peaceful approach, and kind hearts. Our mission is to guide young minds on a journey of learning and knowledge-seeking that promotes creativity, individuality, and a sense of responsibility towards oneself and society.

At Little Pebbles International Preschool, we’re committed to providing an unparalleled educational experience for your child. Join us on this remarkable journey, and let’s shape a bright future together.