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We Provide best Education for children

What could be more gifting to your child than a safe haven for learning? Your toddler deserves the best environment to discover talents and improve skills.

Here learning is fun, innovative, and interactive

Little Pebbles International preschool is the place, where learning is fun, innovative, and interactive. Doing away with the traditional ways, the preschool has creative and active methods to empower your child. At Little Pebbles kids preschool, we offer a warm environment where the child feels at home and gets to play with different personalities of fellow toddlers.

The trained staff follows an effective curriculum to set a strong foundation for your child’s future. With more fun and play, your child feels no pressure on learning new skills. Our focus is on the development of behavior, emotional, communication, and cognitive skills. With these, we also cherish every milestone of the child to encourage development.

Collaborative teamwork of kids, teachers, and family

Little Pebbles International preschool focuses on collaborative teamwork of kids, teachers, and family to learn and grow. This helps your child to understand values, differences, and discover the beauty in everyday life. Our goal is to make the parents’ dream a reality.

The broad smiles and intelligence of children give us the taste of success. A bright future and lifetime investment await your child at Little Pebbles International Preschool.

What Makes Little Pebbles Kids PreschoolDifferent?

Multi-Sensory Approach

Each child has a unique personality and different mood swings. The multi-sensory approach is the co-ordination of the vital senses: hear, touch, speech. This method lets the teacher lead the child, based on his/her moods for learning.

Smart Interactive board

Smartboard technology makes learning interesting for teachers and students.

This gives the child exposure to the current technologies. These boards increase the interaction between toddlers and teachers.

Interactive Fun games

Games are important for a child’s growth. They improve the cognitive outcome of the child. With exclusive fun games, we at Little Pebbles Preschool render education to make the children intelligent, wise, and active.


The phonics method instills the art of listening and reading into your child. Toddlers are prone to grasp sounds. With phonemes and graphemes, your child will learn to communicate with apt skills.

Our Programmes

Programs at Little Pebbles International Preschool


What we offer...


Transportaion with GPS Tracking


Trained and Verified Female Staff


Medical checkup & Pediatrician


Parenting Mobile App


Kids Friendly Campus


CCTV Surveillance


Martial Arts & Skating


What we provide...

Developing & Reading language skills

Specially Designed play way curriculum

Learning with phonetic activities

Building Math & Science skills

Active & Passive activities

Strengthen physical skills

Discovering the world

Forming Social Skills

Gaining Self Control

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